January 3, 2017

Conscience Court

Built in 2004, Conscience Point originally had no name and no identity. The house sat on two parcels of real estate and offered its guests very little in the way of amenities. In 2005, we purchased the house and promptly named it Conscience Point. We instantly saw the potential of this upscale home and went to work on making the house into a true escape.

The first order of business was to make use of the large open land on the property. Thus, in 2008, Conscience Court was born. This 45’ x 25’ play area has been a smash hit with guests ever since its installation. Boasting two adjustable basketball hoops, a tot basketball hoop, an adjustable net for games ranging from paddle tennis to volleyball, Conscience Court has become the crown jewel of the home. Offering a large, safe area for kids and adults to play any type of game imaginable, Conscience Court is unrivaled on the Outer Banks.

In late 2015, we added ball containment nets to the north and east ends of the court (the west end already had a net). Those errant shots will now be contained to the court instead of bouncing over the fence into the front yard or neighbor’s yard.