Digital Cable is Coming to Hatteras Island

While most American homes have had digital cable for the better part of a decade, the Outer Banks has been slow to adopt this format. A couple of years ago, the digital switch finally came to the northern beaches like Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills, but those of us on Hatteras Island did not get the service. The rumor was that because the Bonner Bridge provided the cable link to the Island, and the Bonner Bridge was due to be replaced, digital cable would be delayed until the new bridge arrived.

Apparently, that rumor was either untrue or the cable company decided not to wait. So, last month, homeowners on Hatteras Island were told that they would have to make the switch to digital cable and would have to do so immediately. With digital cable finally coming to Rodanthe, we have been forced to decide whether to stay with our cable company or switch to DirecTV. It appears that we will be doing the latter (though as of right now we still have cable). DirecTV will allow our guests to receive HD Digital TV and the set top boxes are much smaller, allowing us to “hide” them behind our mounted TVs. Also, the DirecTV DVR boxes allow you to record on one box and watch your recording in any room. Finally, for our guests in the fall, you’ll be able to watch any NFL game you want with the Sunday Ticket.

Our internet is also due to be beefed up with the switch. Our current internet operates pretty well, but these days, maximum bandwidth is a necessity for every vacation home as almost everyone in the family accesses the internet from any number of devices during a given day. So, we are happy to tell you that our internet strength and capacity will be increasing dramatically. Having said that, we are hopeful that when our guests come to the beach, they will consider putting away their phones, computers and tablets for awhile and perhaps watching a little less TV than they might at home. However, we’ll be even more equipped than ever if you need to access the internet.

We are scheduled to make the switch next week. We’ll update you once the switch is complete. This is one of several improvements being made to Conscience Point in the off-season. So far, we’ve put ball containment nets around three sides of the sport court (previously only one side had a ball containment net) and we’ve turned our kids’ room into a Star Wars room. Stay tuned for more updates.

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