January 3, 2017


How do I pay for the house?

Booking is done through Sun Realty. That takes care of the financial arrangements for the house. The exact price for your selected week including all deposits, taxes and insurance can be found on our Sun Realty listing. Click here to book now! Then, select the week you are interested in and a listing of all the costs and fees will appear. The time parameters for payment will also display on the page. Generally, the first half of the payment is due to Sun Realty within 7 days of booking and the remainder is due 45 days before your vacation begins.

Do you provide linens and towels?

Yes. This sets us apart from many rental homes. It would cost tenants close to $200 to rent linens and towels on their own. We think it is ridiculous to go on vacation and then have to pay extra for bedding and for the ability to dry off after a shower.

Can I get the pool heated earlier (or later) than your listed dates?

Maybe. We “winterize” the pool in the cold winter months. This renders the pool unusable, even for the polar bears who travel to the Outer Banks from the northeast and Canada (the chlorine is removed from the pool and it is unhealthy to swim in the water). We open it back up, or “dewinterize,” the pool in the second week of April. Past experience has told us that this is the earliest date when the heater may be effective. Even then, the pool might not get as hot as you would like. Our heater is a heat pump that is dependent on ambient temperatures being pleasant enough to generate heat. If the outside temperature drops below 53 degrees, the heat pump automatically shuts off because the pump will not be able to get the temperature of the water warm enough. The general rule is that the pump can get the water 10 degrees warmer than the highest outside temperature of the day. Thus, you really need an outside temperature in the 70s to get the pool warm enough to swim in. Sun Realty may tell you that it takes a couple of days to warm the pool up appropriately. This is not entirely accurate. In the late spring or early fall months, when the afternoon temperatures are regularly in the high 70s, it only takes a few hours to get the pool heated appropriately. In the early spring and late fall months, it could take days to warm to its maximum temperature, but if it is taking that long, it is likely that the pool will never get warm enough to be comfortable. Never fear, the hot tub is open and available all year long and if the pool won’t get warm enough, just let us know and we’ll work on getting your pool heat fee back to you.

Can I park at the beach?

Fortunately, Conscience Point is so close to the beach that you do not need to drive there. However, if you need to take a lot of supplies to the beach, you can drive to the Rodanthe Pier and park at the beach. The Rodanthe Pier is conveniently located at the end of the street directly behind Conscience Point.

What is your address?

For those who want directions to the house, our street address is 24204 S. Holiday Boulevard, Rodanthe, NC 27968. DO NOT MAIL US ANYTHING AT THIS ADDRESS. We do not accept mail at the address. This is just for people who want to use Mapquest or Google Maps. You may find that some online map programs don’t lead you directly to the house. If that’s the case, see the next question.

How do you get to the house?

Take Highway 12 south and enter the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Drive about 25 minutes south until you get to the first town. This is Rodanthe. Continue driving south. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll see a water tower with the name Chicamacomico written on it. Conscience Point is about 30 seconds south of that water tower on S. Holiday Boulevard. You’ll have to stop in at Sun Realty to get your keys first. Their office is in Salvo, about five minutes south of the house on the right hand side (you can’t miss it). If you are somehow coming from the south (meaning you have gone on two ferries totaling over three hours), Sun Realty will be on your left shortly after you enter Salvo. Conscience Point will be up the road about five minutes on the right hand side. Obviously, we recommend that you avoid coming in from the south if at all possible.

What is the nearest airport?

Although the Raleigh airport is much more accessible than before due to expanded highways, Norfolk International Airport is by far the closest airport. It takes less than two hours to get to the Outer Banks from Norfolk. While you’ll still have to drive the entire Hwy 12 strip through Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk and Nags Head to get to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, it is a lot quicker than traveling in from Raleigh. Plus, the drive in is part of the fun. Don’t be so excited to get to the destination that you miss the views and landmarks.

Do you provide toiletries?

Yes. We provide small hand soaps and toilet paper for our guests. You may need to supplement these with your own products, but it is a nice start after a long day on the road.

What’s the closest grocery store?

Rodanthe has a couple of general stores where you can pick up some essentials in a crunch.  However, the key to any successful vacation is getting the initial main grocery shopping out of the way early.  The Outer Banks has two main grocery stores, Food Lion and Harris Teeter. The closest Harris Teeter is about 30 minutes north, while the closest Food Lion is only about 15 minutes south of Conscience Point.

I want to stay for less than a week. Is that possible?

During off-peak weeks we consider tenants for partial weeks.  Please contact us directly to discuss this possibility.  Of course, you can always pay for the whole week and leave early or come late.

Do you have baby equipment?

Yes. We have a high chair, two baby gates, a bath seat for little toddlers, a portable baby crib and an exersaucer for the little ones. We recommend that families bring their own portable cribs, but we have one if necessary.

Do you have a backyard for the kids or dogs to use?

Yes, we have a large fenced backyard perfect for playing with young ones. Half of the backyard is now consumed by Conscience Course, but there is still plenty of room to run around. In addition to our fenced-in sport court, we offer a large unfenced side yard for older kids to play.

Are there any shops on the Outer Banks?

Are you kidding?  That is what the Outer Banks is all about – the beach and shopping.  In fact, just across the street from Conscience Point is a quaint little shopping center with great souvenir shops, an ice cream parlor and an Asian restaurant.  Up along the northern beaches, there are literally hundreds of little shops to get lost in.  We don’t want to spoil it for you, but trust us, you won’t be disappointed.  If you get a chance, go into downtown Manteo and stroll their shops.  It is a great way to spend an afternoon when the summer sun is too hot.

What happens if a hurricane interrupts our trip?

Hopefully, you purchased trip insurance.  If you are forced to evacuate, contact Sun Realty after the evacuation to get reimbursed for the portion of the trip you were forced to forego.  If you didn’t buy trip insurance, well, you are out of luck.  Contact us and we will try to get you a discounted rate on another week (as long as it is not during the peak months).

Are pets allowed?

Yes.  We allow up to two dogs per week.  Sorry cats, you aren’t allowed.  There will be an additional $125 total pet deposit (plus tax), regardless if you bring one or two dogs.  The most important thing to remember is please, please, please pick up your pet’s poop!

Do you have internet access?

Yes. We offer high speed wireless internet access for no additional charge.

Is Conscience Point oceanfront?

No.  Conscience Point is not oceanfront, but it is oceanside.  It is about 900 feet from the beach and is just across the street from Pamlico Sound.  Conscience Point is a rare find on the Outer Banks.  It is one of the few houses to have an unencumbered view of the marvelous sunsets while being within a mere 5 minute walk to the beach.  The beach is visible from the house, it just isn’t as close as Pamlico Sound.

Why did you build Conscience Court?

When we purchased Conscience Point in 2005, we loved the fact that it was such a large area of land.  The house actually rests on two lots.  From day one, we always thought that the second lot, where the pool sits, was underutilized.  There was a huge front yard that was never used.  Inside the fence, a fairly crummy excuse for a volleyball net sat next to the pool on some even crummier grass.  We considered upgrading the grass inside the fence, but that would have still left a huge area of land in front of the fence that would never be used.  So, we decided to bite the bullet and put in a first class exercise area.  Voila!  Conscience Court was born.  Originally, we had hoped to fit in a full size tennis court, but there wasn’t quite enough land.  At the end of the day, it worked out better anyway.  Many people do not know how to play tennis (at least play well enough to make it fun), but everyone can play paddle tennis.  Young tots can play alongside their great grandmothers and create memories that will last a lifetime.

What made you decide on a putting green?

Because it’s totally awesome to have so many fun things to do at the house!

What’s next?

We are always tinkering with the house. Whether it is getting upgraded patio furniture, replacing furniture in the house or creating a brand new amenity, every year sees its share of upgrades. Keep checking back to see what’s new.

Why should we choose Conscience Point?

The better question is why wouldn’t you choose Conscience Point.