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If you have ever checked us out, you’d know that we are big into new old music. What do we mean by “new old?” Well, these days, the artists that we grew up listening to in the 80s and 90s don’t get much radio airplay. They hardly ever get mentioned in the media and if you didn’t pay attention, you’d think they had dropped off the face of the earth. The reality is that many of these acts are still going strong and in some cases, writing better songs than they did in their hey day. So here is a taste of a song called You Never Let Me Down that will probably be coming out in 2013 or whenever Vertical Horizon finishes their latest album. Written by the greatest singer/songwriter alive today, Richard Marx, and perhaps the second greatest, Matt Scannell (lead singer of Vertical Horizon), this tasty treat is long overdue. Enjoy.

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