January 3, 2017


The Outer Banks does not have a shortage of restaurants. While there is one chain restaurant on the Outer Banks that still remains – Outback Steakhouse – the majority of restaurants are locally owned and have local fare.

For those who come to the Outer Banks to escape the same old scene, you will be in heaven when it comes to choosing restaurants. Rodanthe is an extremely small village and there are few restaurants in the village itself. We are fortunate that Lisa’s Pizzeria is within view of Conscience Point and is an excellent emergency pizza stop on your first night in town. Just south of Conscience Point is the Atlantic Coast Café. This quaint bistro offers an array of deliciousness from BBQ sandwiches to good old fashioned hamburgers. A few minutes further south is the Down Under restaurant. This restaurant has some excellent steaks and chicken, but is pretty pricey. For those interested in the delicious tradition of soft serve treats on the Outer Banks, a Dairy Queen opened up in 2006 just a mile or so south of Conscience Point. Unfortunately for us, the ice cream haven appears to only be open during the busy period (May – September).

Other than that, you are probably going to have to drive for a few miles. Don’t be upset about having to drive a little ways. Believe us, we do not want a bunch of restaurants in Rodanthe. Indeed, that is the beauty of Conscience Point. We do not have to deal with the awful traffic that clogs the northern beaches. While you will have to deal with the congestion when you go out to eat, you will at least be able to escape back to the seclusion of Conscience Point.

As for the restaurants in the northern beaches, our all time favorite family restaurant Miller’s Restaurant. There are two Miller’s restaurants, but we recommend the soundfront restaurant in South Nags Head. They serve hash browns that are the best we’ve ever tasted (because they taste like donut holes) and their seafood is impeccable. Every trip requires at least one visit to Miller’s. Another longtime favorite is the New York Pizza Pub located near the border of Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills. For the low price, pizza and Italian food just doesn’t get any better than this.

New York Pizza Pub is not the only game in town for pizza on the northern beaches, though. Slice Pizzeria has some of the best pizza in Kill Devil Hills (and the whole OBX) and makes for a great one-two punch when coupled with Duck Donuts, conveniently located just a few doors down. If you don’t know about Duck Donuts, they make the donuts there right in front of you to your specifications and they come off the rack hot and delicious. The line to get into Duck Donuts in the summer is extremely long (usually it is out the door), so get there early.

Finally, Beach Moon Beach Grill, located across the street from Jockey’s Ridge, is an extremely popular spot on the Outer Banks. It fills up for dinner all times of the year and offers unique items like “The Truckstop,” a pork chop topped with a fried egg. For our money, though, nothing beats there incredible Hershey Bar Cake. It is so good that we now order an entire cake for $50.00 before we arrive. We then spend the week consuming it.

In short, there are literally hundreds of restaurants to choose from. Upon booking Conscience Point, you will receive a packet of information that should contain a list of restaurants. If not, please contact us and we will make sure to have our management company send you a list immediately. Bon appetit!