Upgrades in 2014

We never really stop updating and tweaking the house. This year is no exception. We have added flat screen TVs to every room, installed NetFlix to the main floor and top floor master bedroom and now have an easy-t0-use entertainment system. Previously, we had about 4 different remote controls, each of which seemed to work worse than the other. This year, however, we have condensed this into one simplified remote control. We’ll be posting the easy instructions shortly, but be rest assured, this system is much better than the previous version.

Also, Carolina Sport Court has just done some maintenance on the sport court which should make using the net a little easier. The salt air causes iron/metal to rust pretty quickly out along the coast, so this maintenance was very important. Thank you to Jim Barbee for always being there for us!

Finally, our lawn is finally starting to take shape. It may still take a few seasons for it to have that “putting green” look, but we are at least on our way. We are about to install an irrigation system for the backyard. This is the first step in a multi-step process. By mid-summer, the backyard should be looking great. Next year, we plan to do some re-sodding to bring the backyard to where it should have been from day one.

In sum, we have been very busy behind the scenes making Conscience Point the best vacation home it can be. Now all we need is you. There is one week open – June 14. Don’t miss out!

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